Our History

In 1942 Curly Robbins invented the Curly’s lure. It was made from scrap reflective material of different types. Curly was an avid fisherman and enjoyed experimenting with lures of different shapes, colors, and sizes. He was 37 years old then and over the next 55 years of experimenting came up with the present day Curly’s Lure. He sold his lure to a few local tackle shops but mostly at flea markets and swap meets to help in his retirement.
Curly died in February of 1977 at the age of 92, leaving the company to his sons Al and Paul. Both sons were retired and felt their father’s business would best be served by someone else.
In May 1998 the Curly’s Lure was field tested by anglers throughout the United States and Canada by the North American Fishing Club. In October 1998 after testing results were gathered by NAFC, the Curly’s Lure was found to be a very effective fishing lure on most types of fish in almost every type of fishing condition and was given the NAFC seal of approval.
Curly’s Lure comes in several different colors and in two different weights, 1/4 oz. and 3/16 oz.