Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the history behind Curly's Lure? A: Curly's Lure was invented in 1942 by Curly Robbins, an avid fisherman who experimented with different shapes, colors, and sizes of lures using scrap reflective materials. Over 55 years of experimentation, Curly developed the present-day Curly's Lure, which has become highly effective in catching various types of fish.

Q: Who owns Curly's Lure now?

A: Curly's Lure was passed down to Curly's sons, Al and Paul, upon his death in 1977. However, they felt the business would be better managed by others. The current ownership of Curly's Lure is not specified.

Q: How effective is Curly's Lure in fishing?

A: Curly's Lure was field tested by anglers across the United States and Canada through the North American Fishing Club (NAFC) in May 1998. After testing, it was found to be highly effective in catching various types of fish in different fishing conditions. It received the NAFC seal of approval in October 1998.

Q: What variations of Curly's Lure are available?

A: Curly's Lure comes in several different colors and two different weights: 1/4 oz. and 3/16 oz. These variations allow anglers to choose the most suitable option based on their fishing preferences and conditions.

Q: Where can I purchase Curly's Lure?

A: Curly's Lure can be purchased from select local tackle shops, flea markets, and swap meets. Additionally, it may be available for purchase online through authorized retailers or the official Curly's Lure website. Please check with your preferred fishing gear retailer for availability.

Q: Is Curly's Lure suitable for all types of fish?

A: Yes, Curly's Lure has been tested and found to be effective in catching most types of fish in various fishing conditions. Whether you're targeting bass, trout, walleye, or other freshwater or saltwater species, Curly's Lure can be a valuable addition to your tackle box.