How It Works

After more than 70 years of testing and developing, Curly's Lures provide a rich history of fishing. 

When the lure enters the water it immediately begins to spin in a downward direction. When retrieved, it spins in the opposite direction. It reverses direction at will and will not cause a line twist. 

Curly's Lure attract fish uniquely through sight, sound and sonic vibration. 

Sight: All of Curly's Lures have a light or silver side, as well as a dark or colored side. When the lure spins the alternating action of light to dark causes a flashing signal that attracts fish. 

Sonic Vibration: The shape of the two separate side blades on the Curly's Lure causes air bubbles to collect between the two blades. When water passes through them they emit a sonic vibration that attracts fish. 

Sound: The Curly's Lure has a unique suspension system so the two independent side blades, when properly worked through the water, cause noise the fish can hear due to the blades colliding with one another. 

Field test reports by the NAFC indicate the lures to be effective on both cold and warm fish. It also performs well when fishing for certain type of salt water fish. 

Curly's Lures are known to be effective on: 

  • Trout: Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brown, Brook, and Lake
  • Salmon: Kokanee, Silver, and King
  • Bass: Small Mouth, Large Mouth, Striper, and Wiper
  • Other: Norther Pike, Walleye, Arctic Char, Graying, Splake and Perch. 


How To Fine Tune Your Curly's Lure: 

Take a #2 pencil and place it between both blades. Then squeeze the ends of blade together until both ends touch.